From Humble Beginnings

As a young kid growing up in Birmingham, the “Magic City” Alabama, Paul Anthony came to the realization that his goals where different than most…he wanted to be Unique. At a young age, he started doing small things like alterations for his family and friends; this lead to requests from people in the neighborhood to alter their clothing as well. This is where Paul’s dream of owning his own Clothing Line was born. This, he thought, would fulfill his desire to be different; to be Unique.

His Style

What really influenced Paul’s style was a verse he heard from infamous RUN DMC’s song “Rock Box”, that went something like this: “Calvin Klein, no friend of mine, don’t want nobody’s name on my behind”. That is why Paul wants every piece he creates to be unique giving his clients something that would compliment their own personal style/swag.

The Quality

The casual Dress Shirts and Blazers are a set apart from the rest, because each item is hand designed by a team of designers or Paul Anthony himself; upon request: This process ensures precision, quality and comfort; they take great pride in producing the Gentleman’s Line for today and well into the future. Paul Anthony truly believes that the “Creator” has Fashion – a plan uniquely Design, with you in mind!!!

The Paul Anthony Fashions Motto