Performance on Friday July 26, 2019 at Speak, Laugh A Tune and Sunday, July 28 5th Alabama Music Awards 
Joell Regal, also known as “the Royal Prophetess of music”, is poised to reign as one of the most profound songwriters amongst her peers. Raised in the heart of Birmingham, her love for music emerged at the early age of 7. She has since discovered a passion for songwriting, using her voice and guitar as a means of transforming her life experiences into “melodic words”. Joell has been moving full speed ahead, opening up for various artists such as jazz flautist Claudia Hayden, and Los Angeles’ own DeQn Sue. With sounds ranging from folk to jazz, and from ballads to hip-hop, this artist is a one-stop shop for great music and genuine talent. Spectators of her shows have deemed her “A life saver” and one who “…casts spells on the audience,” as she sings. With lyrics that uplift and exude passion, Joell has set her sights on not only changing her community, but ultimately the world, by way of music and lyricism, one listener at a time.