Music for Cali became a very real passion when he was young asking his mom for a $1 microphone in the store. If you’ve heard Dollar and a dream you know the story of his mother’s investment. All he has ever wanted to do was entertain doing anything from dancing to singing, you might even consider his dramatic story telling acting. His first time performing in front of anyone was a small crowd of just his mother’s boyfriend and a family friend, overhearing a freestyle Cali hoped in earning respect from the older gentlemen. From that day on he practiced having friends like MAJOR MAKK also Cali’s Dad who pushed him and helped him record, even helping him find himself. Eventually Cali went on to college and on to minor league football playing for Nashville storm and traveling all over America. When his contract was up he moved back to Nashville hoping to get back into school when he met Taylor. Life Happened fast and priorities changed with story book boy meets girl and falls in love, shortly after moving in together they got unexpectedly pregnant with their first child King. As a result Music became harder to do and It seemed like the support went out the window even friends disappeared. Cali had never felt more alone but he reconnected with an old friend Jordan who pushed him to keep trying convincing him he didn’t have to just give up, but eventually life started to get in the way and although he had Taylor’s support the passion for music was falling through the cracks and CIDAL VISION came along. Deciding that they made a great team  was . With King being Born and things turning around Cali evolved as an artist deciding it was time to switch up his style and go harder. CIDAL VISION  eventually introduced Cali to a new challenge – a complete change, opening his brain and vocabulary and out look on life and made it to musical story. took Nathan’s box and made it a circle Nathan could actually say he could do any genre he put his mind to and adapt. Still having challenges to face Cali boy nino aka Nathan Cartwright has never stopped pushing and no matter how many times he falls he will get up for his son, his fiance, his friends, and his fans. Making great music is his dream and with the friendliest soul you’ll meet he will never stop touching the hearts or making magic