AMA Performer, Cali Boy Nino

Music for Cali became a very real passion when he was young asking his mom for a $1 microphone in the store. If you’ve heard Dollar and a dream you know the story of his mother’s investment. All he has ever wanted to do was entertain doing anything from dancing to singing, you might even consider his […]

Joell Regal

Performance on Friday July 26, 2019 at Speak, Laugh A Tune and Sunday, July 28 5th Alabama Music Awards    Joell Regal, also known as “the Royal Prophetess of music”, is poised to reign as one of the most profound songwriters amongst her peers. Raised in the heart of Birmingham, her love for music emerged […]

2019 AMA Performer, DLC

My name is Devin Carter and I am 26. I am an upcoming artist from Montgomery, Alabama! I have had a passion and love for music ever since I can remember. Growing up, I have watched other successful artist on stage performing, feeling there energy on all there songs, and seeing them striving to do […]

AMA Show DJ, DJ Gorgeous

DjGorgeous inspiration comes from her love of music, her love for helping others, and she won’t stop; everyone has a calling and she knows that this is hers. She was born and raised in the “Magic City” Birmingham, Alabama; where music, rhythm and sound have always been instilled in her heart. She started her journey […]

E. Hosea Hicks

E. Hosea Hicks is a Salon Industry Professional that has been passionately practicing the craft for more than a quarter century. Hosea is a proud product of a public high school cosmetology program where he sabotaged his advanced college prep curriculum so that he could enroll in what has become his passion, purpose and his […]

AMA Presenter, Bigg Jigg

Bigg Jigg became sovereign of his newly found career and continuously carries vigorous ambition which led him to B.E.T 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday where he was reigning champion for 4 consecutive weeks.With Bigg Jigg’s name already ringing in the streets alongside one of his many accomplishments, his exposure and fan base continually excels rapidly. […]

2019 AMA Pre-Show

Comedian Michael Statham is from Alabama.  Michael Statham has hosted at the Alabama Music Awards twice.  He is a regular performer at the Stardome Comedy Club opening for big names like Killer Beaz and Pauly Shore.  2 time nominee for Alabama Male Comic of the year and has been honored with another nomination for the […]