Red Carpet DJs, DJ Love Deluxe

DJ Love Deluxe is a southern curator of musical experiences that deliver on expectations and soul elevation through a unique blend of Soulful House music and a mixture of Top 40, R&B & Hip Hop; a little something for everyone’s event and dance floor. She’s also known as “Goddess of the Vibe”. Some of her […]

Community Service awards Calvin Tucker

When Calvin Tucker graduated from Jess Lanier in 1988, he set out on a path that was definitely not community service. He was, he said, part of the problem. Born in Los Angeles, Calvin Tucker moved to Bessemer as a child. He loved the city, got a good education, and hung out at the A.G. […]

AMA Fashion & Hairshow, Clarissa Kenty

Clarissa Kenty is an influential talk show host, philanthropist, etiquette consultant off Broadway play/musical actress, media personality and WBE Certified Small Business Owner. Clarissa plays a key role in shaping cultural trends and promoting human interest stories. Through her talk shows/radio shows, she focuses on many issues facing people, businesses, and community relations. She plays […]

AMA Presenter, JD Daigotti

JD Daigotti is one of the hottest rappers in the Alabama scene. He’s the kind of artist who puts his entire life into his music. Born in Mobile, Alabama, nothing ever came easy for JD. Growing up poor, he began freestyling as a way to cope with the daily struggle to survive. Family drama, anxiety, […]

AMA Hair Show, Lisa Blue

It isn’t every entrepreneur who can effortlessly shift gears daily from being a wife, mother, business owner, and working a full-time job, knowing that the initiative goal is to excel to higher heights. God gives her the ability to know that she can do all these things through Him. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, born […]

2019 AMA Presenter, Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker aka Mandy is originally from Enterprise, Alabama and was born on March 22, 1983. There Mandy had 2 children, A’mani Coleman and TriDasia Baker. As a single mother of two special needs children, Mandy had to be the glue for her family. Tri’Dasia is diagnose with Autism and Bipolar Disorder. In addition, A’mani […]

2019 AMA Performer, Aisha Nicole

Since My Childhood Music has been an Integral part of my love. Even at very small age I used to gather some tools and try to create some Music. I grew up playing Clarinet in middle School, I was very good at it and improved myself day by day. Later I started playing other Instruments […]

2019 AMA Host, Makelia LaRee

Makelia LaRee is a native of Troy AL.  Makelia is a writer, producer, and director of her own stage plays.  She has written and debut four stage plays since January 2012.  Her biggest crowd to date is 930 people.  Makelia is also a well sought after Host for events ranging from dance competitions to benefit […]

2019 AMA Performer, KB37

Although born in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, February 5, 1991, Antwan Boswell grew up as a Kountry Boi at heart, on County Road 37 in Fitzpatrick, Alabama. And it was there, in his youth, that he was introduced to and married the love of his life.  In 5th grade, KB37 observed some of his […]

AMA Gospel Show Performer, Vanessa Williams

Perform at the Gospel  Explosion Saturday July 27, 2019  Vanessa Williams was born and raised in Mobile Alabama. She had the ability to make others laugh, even as a child. Her comedic personality lead her to being a class clown, that would cause her to get sent to the Principal’s office.  As an adult her […]