Although born in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, February 5, 1991, Antwan Boswell grew up as a Kountry Boi at heart, on County Road 37 in Fitzpatrick, Alabama. And it was there, in his youth, that he was introduced to and married the love of his life. 

In 5th grade, KB37 observed some of his peers freestyling in the gym, while using pencils to mke beats on the bleachers. He didnt realize he was listening with such intent until he was at the groups attention. They insisted he give it a try. He was reluctant at first but it came naturally for him to flow over the beats. He admits it wasnt the best or worse of freestyles, but he realized the words he often left unsaid, had found a voice. And in that moment, he fell in love with music.

Beig humble, yet aggressive, KB37 found himself always in the midst of conflictions-physically, mentally and or emotionally. It was during these times when writing and making music became his therapy. While thinking past and striving for a life beyond his environment, he heard and was compelled to answer a calling of the streets. 

Adapting to the streets was easy, but trying not to get caught up in them was always harder. Ultimately, lessons learned from too many regrets, led to his ability and purpose to live by example. He decided to couple his ambition for change with his passion for music and become a therapeutic voice of truth to the streets calling. 

Initially known as Kountryboi 37, in May of 2017,  he independently dropped his first mixtape, “Trials & Tribulations.” The peoples response motivated him to continue using his talent to share the knowledge he is continuously obtaining. 

To signify his growth and enhanced craft, now known as KB37, he has released a single entitled “KB37.” In advance to launching his second mixtape, KB37 has  branded himself “Nex Up.” With more than enough room at the top, he is destined to pave his way there.