Since My Childhood Music has been an Integral part of my love. Even at very small age I used to gather some tools and try to create some Music. I grew up playing Clarinet in middle School, I was very good at it and improved myself day by day. Later I started playing other Instruments like Piano, Trumpet and Guitar. I used to take part in Music competitions as well and won many of them.

“Using the beautiful melodies of Music one can express terrible things’’

Yes that’s true! The major turnaround in my life was “Cancer”, When my mother diagnosed with Cancer and suffering with Pain. It was really a tough time for me and my family, thinking about her pain and to manage resources for her treatment, in those hard days Music was like a refuge for me to express my feelings and even overcome depression. By the time my skills improved a lot and I studied about different Genre of Music.

That time has passed and my mother has survived Cancer but time has given me so much Power and Skills in my Music that I am able to create different types of Music now Professionally like POP, Christian Rock, Contemporary Gospel, Country. I am a song writer and Music Producer now and have launched my Music Company with name “Aisha Nicole Music” and still researching on different genre to add to my Music library.

One of the major achievement I have recently made is losing 100 Pounds of weight and all that completely through natural means. Using healthy diet plans and cardio exercised, I worked hard to achieve that and still maintaining my weight. I am spreading my knowledge on healthy life style, what should eat to remain fit and how to reduce your weight to live a better life.

So, this is short story of my life Journey. Now I a perfectly fit person and a Professional Music artist and working on much more to achieve.